Clutch Your Pearls – Beware of These Cursed Jewelry That Could Kill You

Not all jewelry pieces are as innocent and fragile as they look.

Some of these cursed jewels have the power to wreak havoc on anyone who gets too close.

Here are some of them:

The Hope Diamond [mashshare]

This is a beautiful blue gem about the size of a walnut and is estimated to be worth a quarter of a million dollars. But even if it weren’t out of your price range, you wouldn’t want to own it.

It is thought that the diamond originated from India before moving through France, England, and the USA. Many previous owners of the diamond faced tragedies both at their own hands and at the hands of others. People who came into contact with the necklace also found themselves suffering from failed marriages, lost children, drug addiction, and insanity. It’s widely regarded as the most famous cursed diamond in the world.

Delhi Purple Sapphire Ring [mashshare]

Like many expensive pieces of jewelry, The Delhi Purple Sapphire came with a note attached. But instead of detailing sweet nothings, the note explained the curse behind the ring. Its new English owner Colonel W Farris began to suffer a series of financial misfortunes that almost left his family destitute. To make matters worse, every member of his family suddenly fell drastically ill.

Eventually, he left the stone to a friend of the family who then inexplicably ended their life. The man who took on the ring after these events put it in a bank safe with strict instructions for it not to be opened until 33 years after his death. It is currently on display at the Natural History Museum in London.

Watch the full video here to see more of the cursed jewelry you should steer away from.



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