Cartoon Characters as Kids in Real Life

Some kids just have a special look about them – kind of like, “Haven’t I seen you before? At school? In church? In a movie? Are you famous?”

Well, there are actually a few kids all over the world who totally look like cartoon characters in the flesh! We’d want to look a lot like our favorite movie stars, but these kids have it easy by being born with it.

If you’ve ever attended cosplay (costume + play) events before, these kids will bag every award for looking the most like their characters. These kids would smash the competition. The resemblance is uncanny! (Conspiracy theory: Maybe the animators drew these characters with these kids as reference – without their permission. We’re kidding, we absolutely don’t have a clue how this is possible.) Also, if ever these cartoon films ever decide to make live action versions, they’d know who to cast as stars (and ensure their movies earn well unlike some low-budget anime remakes whose actors look NOTHING like their characters even with some acting thrown in). It looked like a few of these children were plucked out of their movies and dropped into a portal to real life.

This video clip includes characters from iconic animated movies such as Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Brave, and The Incredibles.

Watch the full video here for actual photos of cartoon characters as kids in real life. [mashshare]

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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