Baby vs. Dad: Who Won This Lipsync Battle?

Adam Levine’s new hit song ‘Girls Like You’ has been our favorite jam lately. But apparently we’re not the only ones hooked to this catchy song.

Instagram user mydarlingmyla posted a video of his hubby and their baby girl doing a post-bath dance to Maroon 5’s trendy single. We can only do so much to keep our hearts from melting and swooning over how cute this duo is. How can someone this small know almost all the words to this song? And doting dads are always the best – I mean by the looks of it, he’s so obviously in love with his beautiful daughter. Who wouldn’t? We are now, too!

Yes dad, you got that right. We need a girl like baby Myla in our lives too!

Watch the video below for your daily cuteness fix today and you decide who won this lipsync battle. We’re definitely on Team Myla!

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