A Man’s Wife-of-50-Years Death Led To The Reveal of a Shocking Secret Letter

Tony Trapani and his wife had a happy marriage although they had been missing one puzzle piece – a baby. They tried to bear a child for the 5 decades they have been together, but failed.

Tony’s wife of 50 years eventually passed away and as he was clearing out her filing cabinet, he found a hidden letter that would alter the rest of his life. It was neatly tucked to the back of the drawer that he even missed it the first time he was emptying the cabinets. The letter was dated March 1959 and was addressed directly to him.

The unexpecting widower opened the envelope and read the letter inside. Apparently, it contained a shocking secret that his wife has kept hidden for the past 50 years. It was a letter from Tony’s ex-girlfriend, one he dated before he got married, and uncovered a baffling revelation – Tony had a son. After 5 long decades of a childless marriage, you can only imagine how Tony must have felt to read the words, “he’s your son,” in his ex-girlfriend’s handwriting on a 50-year-old letter that his wife kept hidden all these years.

Tony along with his family set out to seek the truth behind his ex-girlfriend’s letter. Little did they know, it was only the beginning of many more life-altering twists and turns in the lives of Tony and his ex-girlfriend’s son.

Watch the full video here to see how their gripping stories unfold and how one letter changed the rest of Tony Trapani’s life. [mashshare]

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