A Man Gets Emotional After Finding His Perfect Kidney Match

Steve and Heather had been married for 5 years.

Steve has been suffering from a serious kidney disease for over 14 years. After recent test results, he was urgently put on the transplant list.

As soon as his wife heard the news, she got tested immediately.

She did it at work and waited 5 days for the results to come out.

It was a long wait – but one that will change their lives forever.

Heather was a perfect match for Steve’s kidney transplant.

Heather organized a surprise for Steve to reveal that he was finally getting a new kidney – from one of hers!

Steve, who has struggled with his kidney disease for 14 years, was overcome with emotion that the woman he married 5 years ago, was going to save his life.

I guess they are what you can call a match made in heaven.

They had the kidney transplant a few days later and everything went perfectly fine.

Steve was waiting since he was 18 years old and now he finally has a new kidney.

 It’s an amazing story of how far we’ll go for the people we love. Our team at Buzzcosmo wishes you a long, blissful life together, Steve and Heather.

Watch the emotional moment when Steve finds out his perfect kidney match and that he’s going to get another shot at life. Click here to watch the full video published by Facebook page Sharing is Caring. [mashshare]

This man's wife just broke his heart

This man's wife just broke his heart 😥💔

Posted by Sharing is Caring on Thursday, January 31, 2019

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