85-Year-Old McDonald Crew Gets Emotional After Accepting Huge Donation For Son with Special Needs

85-year-old Wendall Gill has been working full-time at a McDonald’s branch for most of his life. In August 2018, he suddenly lost his beloved wife to an aneurysm and is now left to care for his adopted grandsons, both with special needs, by himself.

Wendall’s long-time friend, Todd Oldfield, saw how difficult the situation was getting for his old friend so he started a GoFundMe campaign for the Gill family with the goal of raising $115,000. Todd wanted to be able to help Wendall finally be able to retire but also take care of his house’s remaining mortgage fees, get a car so he can transport his sons to the care facility, and to get a headstone for his beloved wife. Both of his adopted sons, now adults, have special care needs and have to have constant supervision, yet they’re the only ones who’s keeping Wendall alive. Todd hopes he can raise enough money so Gill can spend time with his boys and heal.

At 85-years-old, after being in a McDonald job for 43 years – he’s done enough. He had to keep working even at his old age for the sake of his sons. Their community responded to the GoFundMe campaign and together they were able to grant $86,000 to Wendall Gill in a private celebration. The 85-year-old was overcome with emotion and expressed his immense gratitude for the support he got from the people around him.

Watch the full video here to get first-hand feels on this inspiring and emotional story. [mashshare]

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