8-Year-Old Boy Walks 4 Hours To School in Winter Just To Take a Test

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t the type to brave extreme weather just to go to school, nor did anyone I knew. But this boy from China just did and made huge waves across the world for his extreme dedication.

This tiny boy named Wang lives in the Chinese province Xinjie where temperatures can drop as low as 15 degrees Celsius in the wintertime. Due to a marital breakup and their poor financial status, he and his dad had to live together with his grandmother who lived 4 hours away from Wang’s school. Wang had to walk this distance to school every day – even during winter – because his school couldn’t provide school buses to ferry their students.

He showed up at school one day with his hair and eyebrows completely frozen over, like an Asian version of Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. While the other children laughed at him, it must have been terribly difficult for Wang to have walked for 4 long hours in freezing temperatures. In the end, he couldn’t even hold up a pen to answer his test because his hands were so stiff from the cold.

The school principal snapped photos of Wang and his frozen condition and quickly shared the pictures on social media to raise awareness. Some schools in different parts of the world simply cannot afford school buses to help their students come to school every day, safe and warm. Yet there are students like 8-year-old Wang who could teach us a thing or two about dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance in pursuing things that matter to us the most.

See actual photos of Wang in this video clip by Facts Verse. [mashshare]

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