5 Mind-Blowing Inventions of 2018

Get the latest juice on the newest technology releases around the world with this sneak peek into five of the most mind-blowing inventions of 2018, as curated by Futurist.

  1. Temi, the personal robot

Imagine what it would be like to be at the center of your technology. Now stop imagining and meet Temi, the personal robot. What does it do, you ask? Well, pretty much everything you ask it to. It’s a robot on wheels that can follow you everywhere around your home that responds to commands like answer the phone, book a cab, call Mom, make a reservation to your favorite restaurant, play some music, take a photo, even order pizza. Perfect for your late-night pizza cravings!

  1. Genii

“Be at home from anywhere.” This new invention called Genii is a new user-friendly way to convert your home into a smart home in just two easy steps. First, place Genii on any compatible home appliance around the house. Second, download the Genii app on your smartphone. Now you can control your home using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Just make sure to put a lock on your phone.

  1. Breaze

The risk of psychological distress increased alongside air pollution. The effects of air pollution on cardiovascular and lung diseases are well-established. That’s how Breaze was born. It is a wearable air filter that fits like a mask. It has a fan on the side that allows you to breathe only filtered air comfortably. It is flexible and can be charged through a micro-USB port.

  1. Robobo, the next generation of educational robots

Connect your smartphone through a secure Bluetooth connection and program it into your computer or tablet. It can see colors, hear sounds, recognize faces, objects and can follow simple commands. It is also compatible with 3D-printed accessories to expand its capabilities. Robobo was designed to be used as an educational tool in schools for the new generation to start learning about robotics as early as now.

  1. Pine, universal tool for all photo and video production needs

Blackforest Motion has created Pine, one tool that will bring motion to your photography and videography applications. You can now create motion-controlled time-lapse videos, panoramic gigapixel and 360-degree images, 3D scans and much more through a single device, fully controllable from your smartphone or tablet. Pine is the perfect solution for professional users who already have their own system, beginners who want to start with motion control applications, and DIY creators who want to bring motion to their projects.

Watch these inventions in action below. [mashshare]

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