5 Hilarious 911 Callers


Calling 911 is something we hope we should never have to do. But these kids bravely took charge of the situation and dialed emergency services! The calls were both for silly and serious reasons. They make for some of the most hilarious 911 call records ever.

  1. The Boy Who Needed Help With Math

A 4-year old calls 911 to ask help for his math homework! The operator seems to be riding with it when the boy’s mom notices him on the phone and calls him out. The boy adorably responded, “You said if I need help to call somebody!”

  1. The Girl Who Just Needed Someone To Talk To

A 4-year old girl called LaNae just called 911 to tell the other person on the line that she went to Disney on Ice. The operator just wasn’t having it, the kid gave up and said she was busy playing some games.

  1. The Boy Who Ordered Food on 911 – Don’t do this kids!

He just literally thought it was a good idea to waste a police officer’s time and prank called 911 to order food, all for the sake of views on Youtube. He did this 2-3 times and a few minutes later, sirens came wailing outside his house. I hope he learned his lesson.

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  1. The Girl Who Saved His Dad’s Life

Savannah, a 5-year old girl, took over the 911 call when his dad can no longer breathe and talk properly into the phone. She stayed on the line for 10-15 minutes until the authorities arrived to help her dad. She just had the cutest little girl’s voice, answered the operator in the wittiest ways possible, and was incredibly calm. She ultimately helped save her dad’s life.

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