4 Times Humans Got Rescued by Animals


All around the world, we see animals being exploited and abused by their human owners. Animal rescue missions are being organized all the time.

But every now and then, we see videos like this where animals school us on compassion and kindness.

Here are 4 times humans got rescued by animals caught on camera:

  1. Binti The Gorilla 

A 3-year-old boy has climbed over the fence of the gorilla enclosure in The Brookfield Zoo and fell 18 feet to the surface below. The boy still unconscious, the caretakers were worried the territorial gorillas might do more harm.

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To their surprise, Binti the gorilla carefully cradled the boy and carried him to the entrance of the enclosure where the boy was able to receive medical attention.

  1. Dog Guided Firefighters 

A German Shepherd guided the Alaska State Troopers to its owners’ property where a fire was terrifyingly ablaze. The dog’s help saved the firefighters considerable amount of time and was able to rescue the owner who suffered only minor burns.

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