32 Ways To Cook a Chicken Breast

The chicken breast is the go-to meat for every bodybuilder, weightlifter, and body-conscious fitness enthusiast. This piece of gorgeous white meat is incredibly lean and has very little fat, making it the best option for planning healthy protein meals.

But eating chicken breasts on an almost daily basis can drain your culinary creativity. Steamed, grilled, boiled, seared, you’ve probably done all that in at least 4 days a week. How many more ways can you cook a chicken breast?

Youtube channel Bon Appetit featured Amiel Stanek, Basically’s editor, as he attempted to cook chicken breast in almost every way possible. This challenge showed 32 methods of cooking a chicken’s most coveted body part – the chicken breast.

Baked, broiled, poached, milk-braised, rotisserie, deep-fried, panini-pressed, air-fried chicken, you name it. See how many ways you can level up or completely shatter your chicken breast cooking game, and find out how to put back the yum or the yuck in your protein meal preps.

Not all of them are good ways to cook chicken though. But at least now you won’t waste another chicken breast if you can help it. Watch the full video here to see Amiel’s results! [mashshare]

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