13 Fashion Hacks and OOTD Ideas For The Curvy Girl

Have you ever attempted the collared shirt turned dress hack and failed?

Before you feel bad about that memory, allow us to say that hack just wasn’t made for curvy girls. A lot of these fashion hacks strewn over the internet 90% have a size 2 model.

To all the curvy girls spreading some body lovin’ and body positivity, we’ve put together a few fashion hacks and OOTD ideas just for you.

  1. Remedy a thigh rash

Not all of us have thigh gaps and that’s okay. But sometimes the heat, sweat and constant rubbing between our thighs can cause an itchy rash. Don’t fret, there’s a solution for that. Rub a deodorant stick over the itchy area and top it off with loose baby powder.


  1. Feel confident in a bodycon dress

We love our belly rolls but there are just days your confidence needs a little boost to rock a bodycon dress without feeling self-conscious. It’s simple – grab an old stocking and wear it under your dress. This is a great, more comfortable alternative to waist trainers or girdles that bite through your skin. [mashshare]

  1. Bikini DIY coverup

Going to the beach and that scarf is not just cutting it for your OOTD for the ‘gram? Transform your scarf to a kimono by stitching the opposite seams of your scarf, leaving a space for armholes then cut the front fold in half. [mashshare]

  1. DIY bandage skirt

Give new life to a boring sweater by turning it into a bandage skirt. Position the neck hole on your waist and tie the arms around the back for that perfectly form-hugging skirt hack! Style it with a pretty tank top and you’re good to go! [mashshare]

  1. The Better T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are comfortable – no doubt – but it’s not exactly the most flattering piece of clothing. Don’t start letting go of those shirt dresses just yet, because we’re making them even better. Take your favorite shirt dress, turn it inside out and attach a strip of garter to the part where your bust line is (you may want to do measurements for this first). Do this at the back of the front side of the dress and once you’re done, you’d probably be wearing that dress 3 times a week. [mashshare]

     6. Spice-Up a Boring Maxi

Maxis are a staple outfit for the curvy women but sometimes, you just want to change things up and playing with the length is a perfect alternative. Just get a very slim belt and wear it right below your lower hips, then pull the dress hem and adjust to your desired length. [mashshare]

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