10 Terrifying Creatures That Walked The Earth Together with Prehistoric Man

  1. Smilodon

Otherwise known as saber-toothed cats. It’s believed that humans living in the Americas could have come across two species of this creature. They grew to be as big as an African lion, the biggest wild lion living today. Their great size allowed them to take down much bigger animals than themselves, like mammoths. [mashshare]

  1. The Dire Wolf

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize dire wolves right off the bat. They had a bite force that was 29% stronger than gray wolves, with their diet consisting of horses. [mashshare]

  1. The American Lion

But it isn’t actually a lion at all, as it is more closely related to panthers. It is the biggest known wildcat in history. A small group of prehistoric man would have been in trouble if they encountered these types of animals. [mashshare]

  1. The Megalania

It was a monitor lizard that lived in Australia, highly debated to be 11-23 feet long. They had poisonous glands, slowly poisoning their prey to death. Definitely not something a human, prehistoric or modern, would want to bump into. [mashshare]

  1. The Short-Faced Bear

They stood 5 feet at shoulder height and 12 feet tall standing up. They had long limbs and ran faster than a grizzly, with speeds of 40 miles per hour. Usain Bolt at 28 miles per hour would be dinner this beast. [mashshare]

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