10 Terrifying Creatures That Walked The Earth Together with Prehistoric Man


Science claims that the first humans evolved about 200,000 years ago in Africa. In order to survive, our prehistoric ancestors had to fight off and hunt off bizarre and terrifying animals that were much bigger and far scarier than them.

Here is the countdown to the 10 terrifying creatures that walked the earth together with prehistoric man:

  1. The Columbian Mammoth

They were one of the biggest animals to ever walk on Earth and had the biggest tusks in the whole elephant family. 

  1. The Ground Sloth

The sloths we know of today are nothing short of cute, but they weren’t always this way. Their ancient ancestors, ground sloths, were intensely intimidating as they fall under the category of the biggest mammals to have ever lived. 

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  1. Gigantopithecus

It is the biggest known primate, a relative of orangutans. If you’ve seen the live adaptation of Jungle Book, you’d be familiar with this species as King Louie. 

  1. The Cave Hyena

They are also known as spotted coyotes and were double the size of their counterparts, the laughing hyenas (you know, the ones in The Lion King). One cave hyena was strong enough to take down a 5-year-old Mastodon, a distant relative of elephants. 

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