You’ll Want A Foster Bush Baby After Watching This Video


We just found the next cutest animal to foster.

A bush baby.

But what on earth are these creatures?

Bush babies, also known as galagos, are small, nocturnal primates. Did you know they are called bush babies because they sound like a distressed baby crying? Yes, that’s a fact.

From their appearance, you’ll instantly remember Yoda, or the world’s smallest primate the Philippine tarsier, or maybe the great house-elf Dobby.

These tiny animals have large eyes to help them see in the night, as well as strong hind legs and long tails to help them balance atop tree branches.

One other awesome thing about bush babies is that their ears can bend back individually! It gives them a hundred more cute points when they do it, but this skill is actually to help them hunt insects at night.

In this video by Facebook page VT, we see a tiny sleepy bush baby snoozing on his owner’s neck, comfortably snuggling underneath the collar of her shirt. It’s the cutest thing ever!

It’s obviously daytime outside so it is the little nocturnal gremlin’s bedtime.

Imagine having a little bush baby giving you cuddles like this. Although eventually, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the fact that one day you will have to let him go to the wild and live in his natural habitat. But it will make a great story to tell your grandkids.

Watch the full video of this tiny sleepy bush baby to get your daily dose of cuteness!