Would You Let A Drowning Bear Get On Your Boat?


Bears are known to be ferocious hunters and good sense will tell us to never get near one. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a bear hug with an actual bear – sharp fangs, long claws, and explosive strength. Engaging one is like digging your own bear-ial (…get it?)

Now what would you do if a bear tried to get into your boat?

Say you were a fisherman paddling peacefully, looking for a good spot to drop your net. When all of a sudden a bear latches on to your little boat!

It looks exactly like a bear alright, but not quite big enough yet. You find out it’s a bear cub that hasn’t figured out how to swim just yet and is actually clinging on to your boat for dear life!

Would you help him up?

These fishermen in Russia weren’t quite sure either. They debated whether or not this cub were capable of mauling them to death, or if he’s just a scared, cold, baby who somehow got separated from his mom.

The fishermen eventually decided to use their long-handled nets to scoop up the terrified cub out of the water and on to the safety of their small boat.

But they soon quickly find out he’s not alone!

With him is another bear cub that was just as scared and was rescued from the cold Russian waters.

The cubs were on the verge of drowning in the lake and would have surely died, if not for the help of these courageous fishermen.

Watch this heart-warming encounter on this video by VIX Explore.