Women Can Have Fun Too! Funny Accidents Caught on Camera


We think it’s quite unfair that only guys are usually portrayed as goofs and capable of being funny at the expense of grace and poise.

It’s about time gals take the limelight and show the world that we can have fun too - even after we fall on our bums!

Facebook page Kids Say published a video compilation of hilarious clips of funny accidents caught on camera and the jolly women who can laugh in the face of it. Some of these falls and trips can happen to virtually anyone but the way they take these hiccups so lightly will inspire you to not take yourself too seriously every now and then.

From falling off swings, floaters, tightropes, trampolines, tree branches, and even big boulders, to making the whole roof come crashing down, get a good laugh out of these funny accidents.

Forget the party poopers in the comments saying watching people get hurt is funny. If the lady who climbed a flimsy branch and fell on a pile of twigs as it broke off in half can laugh at herself, then so can we. Lighten up and watch the full video here.


Let us know what your favorite clip is, or if you have had similar funny accidents in the comments below!