Wife Tells Husband She’s Pregnant After Being Told She Can’t Have Any Kids

This soon-to-be dad was going to have the surprise of his life – and he has no clue!

He was pretty much ready to doze off for the night when his wife handed her a card and started recording his reaction on her phone. At first, the big, tough guy didn’t want to read his cheesy love letter out loud, but eventually, he just gave in and let out some giddy chuckles in between sentences.

But hey, if you thought the big reveal would be in the card, think again.

After he read the letter all the way to the end, his wife now tells him the big surprise is in the garage.

Reluctantly, he puts on some shoes and follows her wife down to the dark garage.

He flicks on the light switch and sees two balloons on his car hood.

On the balloon were the words, “We’re having a baby!”

Obviously dumbfounded and shocked, he then started asking, “Are you for real?” He realized something was weighing down the balloons.

Picking it up, he saw a positive pregnancy test.

In tears now, he runs to embrace his wife and celebrates this moment together with her. They were finally going to be parents after being told for the longest time that they were never going to have one.

It’s a miracle and a tear-jerking surprise for all of us, too, big guy! Virtual cheers to both of you and your little baby!

Watch the full video here. Try not to cry!