Why Dogs Make the Best Memes


Dog memes are taking the internet by storm. Perhaps it is because dogs are irresistibly adorable or because they have very expressive faces that make such good material for classic memes.

Either way, dog memes are what every internet person needs to get the perfect dose of innocence and humor in the midst of the worldwide web’s fake news and annoying popup ads.

Dog memes take on many different forms, like all the usual memes. They can either be a picture paired with comic sans text. Sometimes, a bold sans serif font does the trick.

Perhaps one of the most famous and recognizable dog picture memes is the Shiba Inu Doge. Dog memes can also be in the form of a GIF or even a short video clip. The only constant thing is that it contains a dog.

A meme, however is not complete without the relatable content it has. A dog simply in itself is not a meme. It becomes a meme once there is a text that people find relatable. For example, the three-part husky meme featuring – well – a husky, and its ridiculous puns.

This is a dog meme simply because it has a husky whose face looks like that type of friend who makes corny puns and is pleased with it, and because it has a pun jokes, which everybody loves to make.

There are other dog memes that show how dogs are partly human in the way they act. Some of them feature a dog’s reaction to his owner’s smelly feet, or a dog cuddling with a little baby.

This one dog meme shows two types of eaters, the well-mannered and clean eater and the one who looks like he hasn’t eaten anything in a month.

Take a look at this incredibly adorable but very, very relatable video meme.