When Your Legs Don’t Work Like They Used To Before: Hoverboard Version


Remember when our parents used to tell us, “No skating inside the house!”

Well, it’s the parents doing the skating indoors now and this man’s struggle to control a hoverboard is the most hilarious thing you’ll see today.

A middle-aged guy, possibly the dad, decided today was a good day to start learning how to ride the trendiest piece of ‘skates’ – the hoverboard.

Dad seemed perplexed and said, “How do you get on this? You can’t even touch the thing without moving!”

The man behind the camera offered him some helpful tips like putting his right foot first and then get the other foot on quick.

Dad began his first attempt to successfully get on the hoverboard while holding on to a chair and their washing machine for balance.

He placed his feet too close together and couldn’t get it moving.

He got off and decided to give it one more try, this time by placing his feet to either sides of the hoverboard, directly above the wheels.

Dad finally succeeded to get on the hoverboard! But boy, we’ve never seen anyone use hoverboard looking like that!

If you’ve watched enough sci-fi movies, you’d know what a robot short-circuiting would look like, and dad looked awfully similar to just that.

The cameraman and the kids in the audience burst into hysterical laughter and I mean who wouldn’t? This is probably the best ab workout we’ll get this week. We re-watched it at least three times to make sure we got the maximum laughs out of this hilarious clip.

Watch the full video here – when your legs don’t work like they used to before: hoverboard version.