Watch this Pikachu Get Rescued by a Random Man


Nothing could go wrong when a bunch of Pikachus are dancing, right?

Apparently not.

Pikachu, despite being a strong pokemon, does need help sometimes.

Such was the case during the Pokemon World Festival in Incheon, South Korea. A group of Pikachu mascots were performing a dance, cheering the crowd with their adorable moves.

The leader then moves to the front for a dance solo. Somehow, he doesn’t seem as cheerful and bouncy as the rest. Then a man from the audience suddenly runs and tackles the leader, trying to get him to the back of the group.

Security runs after the man and tries to stop him before they realize that he was actually helping the poor Pikachu. It turns out something was wrong with this Pikachu and the mascot is slowly deflating.

Watch the full video here.