Watch This Otter Exercise on Water


The internet is a pool of countless various memes featuring countless various faces – from humans to cats to drawings to dogs. One of the internet’s favorite meme face is the otter.

Perhaps it is because they are so irresistibly cute. Or because they have this strangely human expression that you can relate to. Or maybe even because its name just makes really good puns (“You otter be kidding me!”).

Whatever the case is, no one can deny that otters are adorable and famous for being adorable.

Otters, however, are not animals one would normally raise as a household pet. They have long, slim bodies and relatively short limbs.

They also have powerful webbed feet that they use to swim. They also have seal-like qualities (aside from the physical) like the ability to hold their breath underwater.

There are thirteen different species of otters that exist around the world and they live near bodies of water like rivers and seas. Ninety percent of all sea otters live in the coast of Alaska.

Although these animals are small, they are also very hungry! Sea otters eat 25% of their body weight in food everyday. Their diet consists of sea urchins, clams, mussels, and crabs.

Despite their ability to walk on land, they are considered as marine mammals. Unlike most marine mammals, they do not have a layer of blubber but they do have the thickest fur of all animals.

A baby otter (called a pup) has fur that is too dense for it to swim underwater so its mother would leave it floating while she searches for food. These fluffy beings also like to stick together.

They sleep while wrapping themselves in seaweed and float together in a group. Isn’t that adorable?

Here is a treat for otter lovers: an otter doing aerobics. Watch this video to see.