Watch This Little Boy Go Head-to-Head with an MMA Fighter


What would you do if a 6’4, 258-pound heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter challenged you in hand-to-hand combat?

Maybe you would beg for your dear life, or offer all your money, or simply just run away. I know I would.

But this kid won’t.

Little Jax Nelson, son of MMA fighter Roy “Big Country” Nelson, can actually hold his own against the much bigger, much stronger Francis N’Gannou.

Jax Nelson is probably around 7 or 8 years old, but he sure has some skills. There are perks to having an MMA fighter as your dad.

He squirms like a little worm as he tries to find a way to escape N’Gannou’s hold on him, and he successfully does!

It is not just amazing but completely adorable to watch these two. Maybe one day Jax will be on the same ring as Francis N’Gannou.

Watch their fight here.