Watch This Horse Run Away From His Owner


It is a natural human instinct to panic when we lose something important to us, whether it is a phone or car keys or your favorite shirt. We run around in a frenzy, sometimes lashing out at innocent people.

But how would you react if you lost your horse?

It’s certainly more expensive than a phone, and certainly more… alive. That means it can run away, as what this woman has experienced.

The video, taken from a dashcam of a motorcycle rider,  shows a lady running after a horse. The kind rider offers the lady a ride to catch up with the horse.

Thus ensues the wild goose chase (or should I say wild horse chase?) between Walter the horse and his owner.

While his owner is desperately trying to catch him, Walter seems to be having the time of his life as he gallops by the streets like Spirit, Stallion of Cimarron.

Watch the full video here.