Watch This Cat Give Her Owner a Massage


Every cat owner would that cats are quite peculiar. Despite their nonchalant, seemingly indifferent attitude, they are actually quite adorable and sweet.

They also have secret skills.

Not only do they make good mouse catchers, they are also very good massagers.

If you don’t believe me, watch Graveskull the Persian, a beautiful Persian cat who gives massages which has been dubbed as a “Professional Meowssage”.

This is done by Graveskull pressing her soft little paws against her owner’s back.

Graveskull the Persian is from New York City. She has an older brother, a Boston Terrier called Senor Tacos whom she loves. Isn’t this an adorable duo?

If you’re a cat owner, you might wanna try training your cat to massage you – at your own risk. Who knows, it might hurt more than you expect, considering their claws sometimes come out without warning.

Watch Graveskull’s unique talent here.