Watch This Boy Struggling to Get His Ice Cream


We all have probably seen a video or two of that really sticky ice cream and the sellers trying to annoy its customers by constantly flipping the cone over until their patience run out.

More often than not, the victims are children who are very clueless about what’s happening and usually leads to either lots of crying or wild tantrums.

Even grownups will get exasperated with this kind of joke.

But this one kid buying ice cream from Booza Ice Cream shows us what real patience is. Or innocence.

This little boy has gone viral in social media and his reaction has been regarded as “priceless”.

This boy endured a frustrating two minutes of just trying to eat ice cream. From the cone flipping away from his hand to the scoop of ice cream magically vanishing from his cone, he reacts with such wide-eyed wonder and bashfully smiles at the people constantly laughing around him.

Watch his struggle for ice cream here.