Watch These Rescuers Save Trapped Ducklings


Our world has been so accustomed to hierarchies that more often than not, we think small lives don’t matter.

For humans like us, we think that some lives matter more than others.

But not to these rescuers.

To them, even the lives of little ducklings matter. This they prove when they rescued a couple of ducklings who fell in canal at the side of the street.

The mother duck was quacking worriedly at the side, not sure what to do. But her little ones have fallen through a hole and have no way of getting back.

Fortunately, these rescuers opened up the railing that covered the hole and reached down the murky water to find the lost babies.

It turns out that four ducklings had fallen and the kind men brought the entire family by the river and set them free there.

Watch the full story here.