Watch These Ducklings Enjoy a Water Slide

Pet owners love their pets like their own children. They do everything to ensure not just a pet’s safety, but also its pleasure. That’s why we see so many ridiculously creative ideas that pet owners do to make their pets happy.

Probably one of the most common things is when a pet owner makes their pet wear clothes. We see these tiny little Chihuahuas walking in the park in their hand-knit sweaters with their owner’s initials.

We see cats taking up most of the space on their owner’s beds. Sometimes, there’s just nothing we can’t do for our pets.

Believe me, I know. My sister keeps six cats in our room.

They are all completely adorable and completely moody. One minute they are crawling all over you, asking for a scratch on the head. The next they are twisting their body this way and that just to avoid your touch.

Nonetheless, we still spoil them endlessly, buying different toys and giving them bed space and feeding them at three in the morning because they would not shut up unless we do. Being a pet owner is hard work.

That is why we need creative ideas not only to make our pets enjoy themselves but also for us to enjoy being a pet owner.

One creative that popped up on Facebook is of ducklings enjoying a water slide. Although most of us have cats and dogs, maybe this will inspire us to think of something to do for our pets.

The water slide is made of a sheet of aluminium shaped into a slide. At both sides of the slide is some kind of sidewalk for the ducklings to walk up to the top. At the bottom is a pool of water.

We can see the ducklings sliding down and climbing back up to the top to enjoy another slide to the water.

Watch the video here.