Watch These Baby Goats Play with a Dog


A dog is man’s best friend. Sure, but what is a dog’s best friend?

As much as dogs love humans and humans love dogs, there are also other species that go well with canines. Even the stereotype that cats and dogs don’t get along has been proven wrong so many times in so many videos we see in social media.

But have you seen a dog with goats?

Truly, this is not the most common duo there is. Perhaps we’d think that dogs would be the one jumping around in excitement whilst playing with goats. But this video proves us wrong.

A video uploaded by Nature Journal on Facebook shows a big fluffy white dog lying down on the ground, trying to sleep. Around him are many farm animals grazing in the meadow, eating grass. But two particular baby goats (or “kids”) are jumping around him, even on him.

The kids playfully hop around their big playmate, perhaps in an attempt to wake him up. But the big dog lazily looks at them and goes back to sleep.

Watch their adorable encounter here.