Watch These Amazing Waves Turn to Shards of Ice


For all the fans of Disney’s hit animated movie Frozen, we have good news for you.

Elsa just might be real.

We have all been enchanted by Elsa’s ice-forming abilities: building castles, making dresses, and creating snowmen. Who would have thought that such beautiful ice movements would occur in real life?

Frozen lakes are nothing new to us. But what’s new is how the waves of this lake freeze just when it crashes onto the shore.

The result is nothing short of beautiful and spectacular.

The waves turn into sheets of ice that break into shards, piled up on one another as the waves continue to move. One might think of it as giant shaved ice and would bring a gigantic bottle of flavoured syrup.

It looks like something straight out of Elsa’s ice-shaping powers.

Who knows? Maybe a castle will turn up next.

Watch the amazing frozen waves here.