Two Types of Morning People: Which One Are You?

Two dogs sitting inside a car just showed us the perfect representation of two types of people in the morning. It’s probably one of the funniest videos we’ve ever seen.

A fresh, white Chihuahua dog was looking out the window, enjoying the breeze, sitting upright and regal, her round eyes looking bright and awake.

Moments later, a small, fuzzy, brown Chihuahua just rose from the car seat, his eyes barely opened, and looking still a little bit drunk.

He resembled more like a pissed off gremlin than dog. He licks the air and decides, “It’s too early for me to be awake,” and goes right back down to sleep.

It’s too accurate, we can’t stop laughing!

Not gonna lie, we’ve all probably tried waking up just like that poor brown dog after a night out partying. Then we have friends who still manage to get up at 6 in the morning looking like they didn’t just spend the night dancing.

It’s another party in the comments section with people tagging their friends and saying things like, “This is how I feel when I come in the kitchen in the morning and you’re already dressed and making breakfast.”

Some nocturnal humans also said, “I think the brown one looks too awake to be me.”

Watch the full video here and share it with your friends who could be one of these two dogs.

Which morning person are you? Let us know in the comments below!