Try Not To Cry: How Kids React To Their New Adopted Sister

The Pruitts waited 10 months for an adoption and weren’t having any luck.

One night, the Pruitts finally got a call that turned things around. The Pruitts immediately met with the birth parents the next morning and brought their new baby girl home the next day.

It happened so quickly that they didn’t even have time to tell their children.

It was a surprise for older sisters Raygen and Harper Pruitt, and they had the best reaction when they finally met their new adopted sister.

Try not to cry happy tears as they welcome their new baby sister with the most genuine love and joy you could possibly imagine.

This is the Pruitt’s third adoption after having adopted baby boys Titus and Elliot.

Their parents recorded the day their little baby sister came home and posted it online for friends and family, but soon the video became viral!

People who saw the video also left comments of their own adoption stories that are just as emotional and touching.

The world would be a better place if more families were as big-hearted and giving like this one!

Watch the full video here to see this heartwarming first meeting between the sweetest sisters and how they teach us adopted siblings are still family.