Tiny Abandoned Puppy Finds a Home


We live in a drastically changing world, cruel to those who are helpless, not just for people but for animals as well.

These animals are surrounded by dangerous circumstances and dangerous people who do not give a care in the world as to what might happen to these poor creatures who cannot fend for themselves. But there are angels in disguise sent to us from above.

One is a lady from Penn Valley, California decided to start a puppy rescue program. Rachele Keech founded Cleft Pup Brigade, a rescue program that specializes in cleft lip or palate puppies and special needs newborn puppies.

These puppies are euthanized at birth since they cannot nurse, that is why Cleft Pup Brigade takes these little ones under its wing until they are adopted.

One story that has been making its rounds in Facebook is of Earl, a little puppy abandoned in an animal shelter. Rachele found Earl there and brought him in for a diagnosis.

“It seems that he has a lot of congenital issues that will not allow him the best quality of life,” Rachele said through tears in a video update.

“They all suggested that he be humanely euthanized. I just felt like he was doing so well and I had such high hopes and this was not what I was expecting today.” Earl has a smaller windpipe than what is normal for puppies, which makes it harder for him to breathe.

But Rachele refused to give up the fight for Earl. As long as this little hero fights, she will continue to fight with him.

A family then adopted Earl. Crystal, a widow who lost her husband who is a soldier, and her son Max took Earl into their new home.

“Fostering brought me healing from losing my husband,” said Crystal, and that is why she took in Earl, in hopes that it might bring healing to her son as well.

Watch the heart-warming story here.