This Ticklish Baby Is Too Cute To Ignore

Having children is one of the most amazing experiences in life. Watching them grow is another fascinating time and no parent should trade it for anything else.

These moments are too precious that modern parents arm themselves with their smartphones at all times to document these developmental milestones - the first time they open their eyes, their first step, their first word, growing their first milk teeth, or even the everyday things such as eating their first solid food or their peaceful faces soundly sleeping.

One of the most rewarding experiences for parents who are enjoying their tiny infants is when they can make these little humans laugh.

An adorable cinnamon roll just captured the hearts of nine hundred sixty thousand people who saw his viral video on Facebook, and all he did was laugh.

The clip doesn’t even last more than fifteen seconds but we’ve probably already replayed this at least ten times because there is simply no way to get enough of his cuteness overload.

This little baby with his juicy arm rolls is being tickled pink by his mommy - and his laugh is just the cutest ever.

His little cheeks jiggling with every chunky laughter, his mom must be super lucky to have such a jolly and adorable baby boy.

We hope you grow up to be a fine young man, little one. Thank you for cheering us up with your infectious laughter.

Watch the full video here.