This Rooster Became a Woman’s Best Friend


We’ve all seen a pet video or two. And the initial reaction is a resounding “Awwwe” when we see a human falling in love with his or her pet puppy or kitten that was found in the streets.

There have been movies all around like Marley & Me, A Dog’s Purpose, Cats and Dogs, etc. But have you ever seen one with a rooster instead of a dog?

Chickens don’t usually make pets. That is something I learned trying to train a chicken when I was five years old. Somehow, a lady who lived in New York City made it happen.

She found the chick in the streets of New York where the little bird ended up at the rescue where Camille worked. It was like love at first sight as Camille scooped the chick up and had it do some office work with her.

“It was like this knee-jerk reaction.

It just came out of my mouth. I was like, ‘I’ll take him!’” said Camille in a video. She then named the chick Bree.

Bree became her best friend. The initial plan of putting the chick in a sanctuary changed. And as Bree grew up, Camille discovered that Bree was, in fact, a rooster.

However, roosters are not allowed to live in New York City. Camille chose Bree over the comfort of her own home and moved to a different city where she could live with Bree.

Bree the Rooster likes to make the bed in the morning, help Camille weed out the garden, likes to read a lot and watch Youtube videos.

“I know how attached I am to Bree,” Camille says.

“But I think I failed to realize how attached he is to me… For me, he is such a gift.”

Watch their heartwarming bond in this video.