This Puppy Shows Us What Real Happiness Is


What makes you happy?

In spite of all the sadness and devastation in our world, there are still a lot of things to be happy about, a lot of things to celebrate.

Whether it’s a new job you have found, or a little dog on the street or a cone of ice cream on a hot afternoon, happiness is everywhere if we choose to look for it.

That is why the United Nations established the International Day of Happiness.

On March 20, the world celebrates and remembers happiness, and reminds everyone how important it is. This, ultimately, is what keeps human beings alive and going.

Happiness is what pushes us to go on day after day, making life bearable.

It is not only humans who need happiness. Even innocent little animals need it to!

There’s this puppy who knows how to enjoy his food so much that he trips over while eating! It is such a strange and funny sight, and surely a happy one.

Watch his full video here.