This Man Swims in Ice-Cold Water to Rescue These Dogs


Very few of us would sacrifice convenience to help others. Fewer of us will probably do it for animals.

But this one man, along with his dog, proves to us that some angels are born without wings.

On a very cold day in New York, the reservoir was frozen, causing a thin sheet of ice to cover the water. Two unfortunate dogs strolled on its surface but the ice cracked in the middle of the reservoir, causing the dogs to get trapped in hole of water with ice in every direction.

The dogs have nowhere to swim to and they dog-paddle just to stay afloat.

A man and his dog decided to save these two dogs.

The man wades into the water, his weight breaking the thin sheet of ice. He wades until he reaches one of the dogs, making a pathway in the ice for them to swim back to shore. Then he does the same for the other dog.

Watch the full video here.