This Mama Dog Calls For Help For Her Injured Pup


As much as social media loves to sugarcoat reality, one cannot deny that we live in a cruel and unjust world. A world where suffering is in every corner and pain is the norm. It is a hard world for humans.

How much more for animals?

Such is the case for this dog in India. A black-and-white dog in a sidewalk in India keeps wailing for her little pup.

The small puppy lies near her mother, not moving and barely breathing. The mama dog keeps wailing, seeming to beg for anyone to help her injured baby. She anxiously watches over her pup.

A group of animal rescuers came, answering to a call that a puppy has been hurt. A rescuer reaches out to touch the puppy and the mama dog, fussing around worriedly, allows them to.

As the rescuer gently lifts up the injured pup, it cries in pain and so does the mother. The rescuer takes the puppy into an ambulance. And since the mama dog has four other puppies to take care of, they can’t take her with them.

They named the puppy Toggle.

His injuries hurt so badly that he could not walk. The doctors feared that his nerves might have been damaged permanently.

Despite all this, Toggle proved to be a brave young dog. He needed lots of rest and food and, most importantly, love and affection. After some time, he was able to recover and walk around freely again.

And although the rescuers fell in love with this sweet little puppy, they knew he had to return to his family. . And so they returned Toggle to his mother and to the family that has been taking care of them.

Our world may be cruel and unkind, especially to those who can’t defend themselves. But there are people who make it less so.

A small act of kindness means the world to these little beings. So be kind.

Watch Toggle’s full story here.