This Little Lad Found The Best Use Of A Belly

Nobody likes doing the dishes.

I remember having to fake a bad stomachache just so I can skip my turn to wash the dishes.

But this little lad thoroughly enjoys it! And he even has quite a unique technique!

Instagram user papaclint2323 (Follow him on Instagram @ppaclint2323) submitted this funny video to Facebook page LADBible of a cute toddler washing the dishes on a sink while hanging on his belly!

We are willing to bet it was his dad who put him up there (because moms would obviously be too freaked out to consider what damage it would do to his ribcage, etc.)

The young lad seems to be having an incredible amount of fun washing his bowl though. It almost looks like he is celebrating his newfound independence and the latest addition to his responsibilities by being able to wash the dishes all by himself with no one holding him up.

Now we know what to do when we visit other people’s houses with tall sinks and we’re too polite to let them wash our plates – offer to wash up and hang from the belly!

Who knew these belly rolls would come in handy one day to get some household chores done.

Watch the full video of this diligent dishwashing belly-hanger little lad here.