This Little Girl Has The Most Amazing Reaction Receiving Her First Bible

Grandma Debbie had all her grandchildren to line up as she had special gifts for them.

The two older kids each received a fiver to buy something they really liked.

However, she gave something else to Bayla. Something she knew the little girl had wanted to receive for a very long time.

Inside a paper bag, she pulled out a kids’ bible and Bayla had the most amazing reaction ever – she screamed, hugged her grandmother, and cried a river of happy tears.

Her grandmother had even written a loving dedication on the front page of the illustrated bible and assured Bayla that this time, this bible was hers, and that she will never have to turn it in.

In between tears, Bayla repeatedly thanked her grandma for giving her her first bible ever and she seemed so genuinely touched that it’d be difficult not to be moved by her tender soul. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Her Sunday school teacher even left a comment on this viral video saying Bayla was so ecstatic to be bringing her own bible to Sunday school and even excitedly show her bible to the class!

Bless your heart, sweet baby. May you never lose your grateful spirit and may you continually grow to see just how priceless a treasure the Word of God is.

Watch this inspiring and emotional video here.