This Little Girl Has A Giant Rabbit Best Friend

When everyone else has a dog for a best friend, a little girl has another one in mind – a rabbit! And it’s not just any rabbit, it’s a giant one!

This humongous bunny even has his own dedicated Instagram account! (Follow him on @big_cocoa_puff)

His name is Cocoa Puff. Cocoa Puff is a Continental Giant rabbit that is currently 18 lbs at 19 months old. He is litter box trained and lives at home cage free.

Little girl Macy absolutely adores giant Cocoa. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is yell, “Let’s go get Cocoa!” She even has taught him cool rabbit tricks and feeds him all the veggies she hates to eat. Win-win situation, right?

Macy loves doing everything with Cocoa Puff. They sleep on the floor together, they run around the house together, they watch (kid-friendly) shows together – even Macy’s mom said the only way she could get the little girl to brush her teeth is when she says Cocoa Puff wants to see how it’s done.

Macy and Cocoa Puff have all their adventures together documented on Instagram so if you are a fan of giant fluffy rabbits and animal-loving toddlers, then be sure to hit that follow button so you don’t miss a post!

Watch this short clip compilation of the little girl Macy who has a giant rabbit as best friend here.

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