This Little Girl Gets the Best Surprise of Her Life


It is not such a hard thing to prepare a surprise for a child. Children (generally, at least) are easily pleased and would be happy to receive any kind of gift. And most of them love surprises as well, gifts that come in a mysterious box wrapped in pretty paper.

This little girl got the best surprise of her life. Maci has been separated from her dad for six months since he was deployed. Her dad works as a marine officer and their time apart has been very hard on her.

Since the day her father left for deployment, Maci had never let go of her ‘daddy doll’, a soft plushie with a full body picture of her soldier dad.

Maci’s mom took a video of Maci inside the house. She told her she had a surprise and asked Maci what she guessed it was.

The sweet, innocent little girl answered, “Cookies!”

To which her mom asked, “How many cookies?” “Two!” Maci answered.

“What kind of cookies?” the mom asked.

Maci then walked towards the door saying, “Let’s go find out.”

Outside their porch stood a six-foot tall box covered in wrapping paper. Maci was very excited as she started to tear the paper away, maybe expecting a mountain of cookies waiting for her.

But what she didn’t know was that her father whom she dearly missed stood inside the box. Maci’s mom coaxed her to knock on the box and so Maci did. A little door then opened and out came her dad.

Maci fell back on the stairs, joy and disbelief mixed in her voice as she kept crying, “Daddy! Daddy!” The little surprise that she thought was cookies turned out to be something way better than she imagined – her very own father.

Watch their heart-warming reunion here.