This Is Why They Say Not To Celebrate Too Early


It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.

This is what these athletes should remember when they grit it down to the last few seconds to the finish line or the championship.

When you’re almost too sure you’ve bagged the world title, don’t be too overconfident because someone could be just trailing behind within a fraction of a second and will fight it out tooth and nail until the end.

Sure enough, when you see moments like these being aired live during sporting events, you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle and also feel sorry for the first runner-ups who could have been world champions if only they waited until they crossed the finish line before throwing their hands up in the air and waving to their fans.

I can only imagine how embarrassed they must have felt and the overwhelming wave of regret that must have been unbearable.

If you’re an athlete yourself or an extremely competitive individual, let a lesson be learned here. Never celebrate too early until the medal hangs on your neck or the trophy finally in your hands – unless you’re Usain Bolt. Don’t get too cocky or else you’ll just watch success be snatched right out when it’s finally just within your fingertips.

From cyclists, marathoners, skiers, football stars, and an MMA fighter who got knocked out after doing booty shake in the middle of the fight – this is why they say not to celebrate too early. Watch the full video compilation by Videoholic here.