This is the Right Way to Cook Meat


One of people’s favorite pastimes these days are watching food videos on social media. That is why short cooking videos tend to go viral.

There is a variety of countless recipes – vegan, fast food, cheese, meat, etc. – all of which will make your mouth water at the very sight.

For meat lovers, there is no picture more wonderful than the image of cooking meat. How much more if it is an actual footage? You see the meat cooking on simmering oil, its juices slowly coming out.

You can smell the spices in your mind and it suddenly fills you with such a craving even if it’s only been less than an hour since your last meal. For a meat lover, nothing is more wondrous to look at than the sight of cooking meat.

That is why one chef has made millions of views posting his cooking videos online. On Instagram, he is known as Seyfi Chef (@seyfi_chef).

His entire feed is composed of photos and clips of meat and meat and more meat – raw meat, sliced meat, cooked meat, meat with cheese, meat with plants, meat with the chef – every picture literally has meat.

One of his videos that made mouths water all over the world is a compilation of his meat-cooking extravaganza.

This made netizens exclaim, “I want to marry this chef!”

He shows off his expertise by cooking huge chunks of meat and then slicing them and cooking them more.

He adds stuff to it like cheese and herbs and spices. It just makes you want to grab the food through the screen and stuff it in your mouth. That’s how sumptuous and flavory the food looks like. It is not merely a skill in itself – it is an art.

Watch the full video to see what I mean.