This Is How Girlfriends Make Up With Boyfriends After A Fight

In this video by Facebook page Nature Journal, a turtle gently taps both cheeks of the other turtle as if saying, “Don’t be angry with me already. Cheer up and give me a smile, pretty please!”

Reminds me a lot of how us girls go all cute and cuddly after we did something probably something stupid or bratty that annoyed our boyfriends.

I remember one time we were out together watching a local live music act. I was good friends with one of the performers who was waiting for his turn to take the stage and couldn’t find a seat. It was a pretty busy night and most of the people in the audience were actually there to watch him perform.

My boyfriend and I were already seated up on the front row because we arrived early, so I called my friend over and offered him the empty seat beside me. Now I was seated in between this singer-songwriter-guitarist friend and my boyfriend of 4 years.

My friend and I chatted for a bit, asked how his first album in production is turning out, and in the middle of our conversation I noticed my boyfriend has gone awfully quiet.

Turns out, he was a little jealous of this guy – which I only found out later that night after the show was over. He was looking all pouty and grumpy, which I thought was actually funny because I didn’t think there was any reason for him to be jealous at all.

So I did what this little turtle did and in just a few minutes he was back to his usual self. I still use this funny story to tease him on some days, though.

Watch the full video of these cute turtles cheering up one another here.