This Guy Flies to a Local MacDonalds on a Paramotor


We live in an age of clichés and repeated ideas.

As Neil Gaiman wrote in The View From the Cheap Seats, “As we get older, each thing we do, each thing we write reminds us of something else we’ve done. Events rhyme. Nothing quite happens for the first time anymore.“

So what should we do? Try something different.

One guy just had the crazy idea that if you can get a drive-thru from McDonalds, why not a fly-thru?

Tucker Gott, a 23-year-old aviator flew a paramotor, or a remote control airplane to his local MacDonalds around ten miles away from where he lives.

He lands right outside the fastfood chain and goes inside to buy burgers. He eats them as he flies home, above green meadows and curious cows looking at him from below.

In an age of clichés, this idea is by far the best way to get a burger.

Watch the full video here.