This Family Thought They Adopted A Regular Tabby Cat – But They Were Wrong!


A family in Russia adopted a kitten and named her Simina.

Simina was a scrawny, scruffy kitten with different-colored patches of fur all over her body. But nevertheless, she was a furry little ball of energy and the entire family adored her to bits.

However, as she grew older, Simina’s appearance started rapidly changing in a way that bewildered his fur family and almost nearly everyone that saw her.

Simina had grown into such a strange-looking cat that the Russian family’s guests would often ask if she adopted the cat from Chernobyl – the city that was abandoned after a nuclear meltdown.

How bad does she really look for them to say that?

Simina had shed most of her fur until the only sections that remained were bunches coming from her underbelly that looked like a bad woollen bed-skirt. The rest of her coat was almost bald, save for a thin layer of peach fuzz.

Apparently, Simina had a strong streak of Sphynx blood in her, mixed with some other unknown feline breed, resulting in her strange yet unique look!

Despite these drastic changes to their cat’s appearance, it didn’t change the way this Russian family loved their feline friend. She was still the cuddliest, playful and adorable Simina they know.

They have a message for all cat owners, and those who want to own one: Breeds don’t make some cats better than others. No matter how they look like, if you treat them with love and care, you will get the same affection back from them even twice more!

Watch the full video here to see the unique feline Simina and her story.