This Elderly Man Waits for His Wife at the Airport with Flowers


We are all a sucker for sappy romance films. Especially ones that are based on true stories.

In our age today, relationships come and go. Divorces happen one after another. Breaking hearts seems to be the norm that we have grown used to it and we instinctively settle for less, temporary love.

But some relationships just restore our faith in humanity and in our world. Perhaps there is still a love that lasts “till death do us part”.

A video of an elderly gentleman at an airport has gone viral recently.

This gentleman was waiting for his wife to arrive, with flowers and chocolate.

When his wife arrives, he then gives her a hug and kisses her on the lips. His wife’s face simply brightens up at the sight of him.

If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.

Watch their heart-warming reunion here.