This Dog Knows How to Ride a Scooter

Dog lovers love their dogs like their own children. Sometimes the bond is stronger than with humans. Sometimes it is this bond that draws humans together. The mutual love for dogs, or animals in general, has brought many people together.

Perhaps that is why pet videos are such a trend on the internet. Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or 9gag, one thing is for sure – dog videos will never die.

Whenever a new video comes up, it usually takes the internet by storm. We go crazy over a dog singing along to a Beyonce song.

We cry on the story of an abandoned puppy finding a new home. We are angered by news of dog abuse. We drop our jaws in amazement when a dog solves a math problem.

We go ‘awwwwe’ over a little puppy cuddling a little kitten. We feel so many things for dogs that they have been one of the favorite subjects of viral videos.

It has been a practice of a lot of pet owners to treat their pets like their own children. A lot of us dress our little dogs in dresses and bright cheery clothes (probably much to the discomfort of our pets).

We take them on walks in the park and let them out to play. It has also been a practice to take videos of our pets to share to the world what an adorable and smart little creature we have raised.

One video that has been making the rounds is of a tiny dog playing with a scooter. No, not by chewing the wheels off but by actually putting one foot on the platform and kicking with the other.

She actually looks like she’s having a lot of fun, going around the park as people watch her.

Watch her on this video.