This Dog Just Made A Giant Snowball


Love it or hate it, winter is a magical season that you just have to enjoy outdoors at least once.

This dog totally knew what’s up and decided to come out and play on a snowy morning. He wanted to make the most out of the weather and set out on his mission for the day – to build a snowman!

The blue heeler pup gathered paw-fuls of snow and rolled them over and over on the snowy ground until he made a giant snowball – with the help of his fur-mom of course. The pup was ecstatic and playing excitedly like the cold didn’t bother him at all.

It looked like he was trying to get at something beneath the snowy surface though. We wonder what could be hidden inside that ball of snow… Another ball? What kind of snowball-ception is this?

Nonetheless, props to you little guy for finishing the first step to building a snowman! His fur-mom has to teach him how to stack snowballs on top of one another though.

Watch the full fun video of this pup’s snowball action here.

Do your dogs also love playing out in the snow? What is their favorite thing to do during winter? Let us know in the comments below!